Meet Imp

Imagine standing in the middle of a kitchen talking to your father. Mid-sentence, your eyes glaze over and turn white. You begin a rhythmic jerking dance as old time movie images form around you. You are unaware of what is occurring until you collapse on the ground. As you wake up anywhere between a couple of hours and a couple of days later, you realize that you have been given a vision. While this instance has occurred to Imp many times throughout her life, it is a similar experience for all Seers.

Imp is half-Asian/ half-Caucasian, born in New York City in early 1930s, and while she may be nearing a hundred years old, she is still the youngest Seer ever trained. Her position of responsibility is that of the mouthpiece of the Most High Master. Imp discerns the visions she receives and takes the message to its intended recipient. Of course, not all visions are easily discernable and not all recipients want a visit from the Seer. She currently resides in the domestic living quarters of her father’s employer, but she can usually be found in the vault libraries of the Northern American Temple located within the Rocky Mountains as her responsibilities require a lot of research.

There are only two Seers in existence at a time. Currently Imp is considered the Seer in training. However, it has been nearly three years since her predecessor’s last vision, which means that while her predecessor is still the Seer people call for, Imp is the one the Most High Master is working through. This fact irritates Imp, but her lack of social graces tend to get her into trouble which will be seen in August’s short introduction as Imp has to convince a vision recipient of some hard to believe changes.

Meanwhile, June’s short introduction will give you a chance to look into the difficult role of a Seer. Coming June 30, 2018. Please like and become a follower of this blog so that you will get immediate updates when further projects come out.


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